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Kitchen Fitters in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Looking for a kitchen fitter in Basingstoke, Hampshire? Look no further than Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters. We have been providing high-quality kitchen design, installation and refurbishment services for over a decade. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional and durable kitchens that reflect our customers’ personal style and needs. 


We offer a wide range of services including:


  • Kitchen Design

  • Kitchen Installation

  • Kitchen Refurbishment

  • Kitchen Tiling

  • Kitchen Worktops

  • Kitchen Fixtures and Appliances


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the perfect kitchen for your home or business. We specialize in both domestic and commercial kitchen fitting and can handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to remodel your current kitchen or create a brand new one, we have the skills and experience to make it happen. Our team of experienced kitchen fitters will work closely with you to design and install a kitchen that meets your exact specifications.


Transform your kitchen with Basingstoke’s top kitchen fitters. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and bring your dream kitchen to life!

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Our Services

A kitchen design sketch

Kitchen Design

We take pride in our ability to design and install kitchens that are not only beautiful and functional but also energy-efficient and sustainable. Our team of designers will work with you to create a kitchen that meets your specific needs and preferences. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology to ensure that your kitchen is built to last.

A basingstoke kitchen fitter installing a kitchen cupboard as as part of a new kitchen installation.

Kitchen Installation

Our team of skilled and experienced technicians will handle all aspects of your kitchen installation, from design and planning to plumbing and electrical work. We take great care in ensuring that your kitchen is installed to the highest standards and in accordance with all relevant building regulations. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your kitchen is completed on time and within budget.

A kitchen that has been refurbished with new flooring, newly painted white cabinets, green painted walls, new white wall tiling and new wooden kitchen worktops.

Kitchen Refurbishment

We also offer a kitchen refurbishment service that can help you transform your existing kitchen into a beautiful, functional and durable space. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure a flawless finish. Whether you are looking to update your kitchen with new fixtures and finishes or to reconfigure your existing kitchen space, we can help.


Kitchen Tiling

We also offer kitchen tiling services. We can tile your entire kitchen, including the floors, walls and ceilings. Our team of experienced contractors will carefully measure the area you want tiled, then use high-quality materials and techniques to create a beautiful finish that will look great for years to come. 

New timber kitchen worktops installed in a new kitchen installation in Basingstoke.

Kitchen Worktops

We also offer kitchen worktops services. We can help you choose the perfect fitted kitchen worktop for your home, and we can install it quickly and easily. Our team of experienced professionals is happy to answer any questions you may have about our service, or about kitchen worktops in general.

New kitchen integrated appliances including a cooker installed in a commercial kitchen in Basingstoke.

Kitchen Fixtures & Appliances

We also offer a wide range of kitchen fixtures and appliances, so you can create the perfect kitchen for your needs. Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters will help fit new ones or replace existing ones. We have everything you need to make cooking easy and enjoyable. With our wide selection of fixtures and appliances and our professional installation services, we’ll help you create the perfect kitchen for your needs.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Local Kitchen Fitting in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters can help you with your local kitchen renovation and installation. We have years of experience in this field, and our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service. From start to finish, we will take care of everything from planning the project through to completion.


We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to do a renovation on their own, which is why we offer a wide range of services designed specifically for busy people like you. Our team can come out and assess your current kitchen layout, provide recommendations based on your needs, and then carry out the work when necessary.


You’re guaranteed to save money and get it right the first time when getting professional help with your kitchen project. Contact us today for a free consultation!

The Benefits of Choosing Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters

Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters can help improve the overall look and feel of your home by providing a number of professional services. From installing new kitchens to renovating your kitchen cabinets, our team of experts has everything you need to make your kitchen look its best.


Here are some of the key benefits that choosing Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters can provide: 

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. We have been serving the community for many years and have built a reputation for providing high-quality kitchen installation and remodeling services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget. We understand that a kitchen is the heart of a home and that’s why we take great care in ensuring that every project we undertake is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and preferences. With Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters, you can trust that your kitchen will be designed, installed and maintained to the highest standards.

Our team is made up of experienced and skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We understand that a kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home, and we take great care to ensure that every aspect of the installation is done to the highest standard. We use only the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure that your new kitchen will not only look beautiful but will also be functional and durable. We also understand that every customer’s needs and preferences are unique, so we work closely with each of our clients to create a personalized kitchen that meets their specific requirements. With Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters, you can trust that you’re in good hands for your kitchen renovation project.

Our team of experienced professionals understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision for their new kitchen is brought to life.


We understand that a kitchen renovation can be a big undertaking, and we work hard to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients. From the initial consultation, to the design and planning stages, finally the installation and completion, we are with you every step of the way. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration, from the layout and functionality, to the materials and finishes.

We take pride in our excellent customer service. From the moment you first contact us, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We understand that renovating your kitchen can be a daunting task, which is why we make sure to provide clear and concise information on all of our products and services. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the guidance and support you need to make informed decisions about your kitchen design. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with their new kitchens, and we go above and beyond to make sure that happens. With Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters, you can trust that you are in good hands.

A new kitchen installation in Basingstoke featuring white kitchen cabinets and cupboards, vinyl flooring and black kitchen worktops.

Customer Testimonials

I found the Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters through Google and am really glad I did. We came to fit all my kitchen cabinets, including a new dishwasher, within two days of me contacting them. The whole process was very smooth and we were extremely polite and tidy throughout. Would definitely recommend it.


Rachel W 

We used Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters to come and fit our new kitchen cabinets. From start to finish it was an incredibly smooth experience; everything went according to plan, no unexpected surprises at all! Their team is professional, efficient, tidy and most importantly very reasonable in price- which is great as we’re on a tight budget! We would absolutely use them again in the future.

Louise & John C

We had a small kitchen refurbishment done by Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters and couldn’t be happier. From the beginning, We were professional, communicative, and took great care to make sure everything was perfect – from the design stages all the way through to installation. The team is hardworking and trustworthy, and their work is of very high quality. We would highly recommend them.

Mandy V

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Installing a new kitchen can be a daunting task, but it is also an exciting opportunity to improve the functionality and aesthetic of your home. 


Working with a professional designer or contractor can help ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and that the end result is a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Renovating your kitchen can significantly increase the value of your property. A new and updated kitchen can make your home more desirable to potential buyers, as it is one of the most important rooms in the house. A well-designed kitchen can also be a major selling point for your home. Investing in a kitchen renovation can be a positive move, as the money you spend on the renovation will often be recouped in the increased value of your property. Additionally, a new kitchen can improve the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home, making it more enjoyable to live in while you are still in the house.

Renovating your kitchen can greatly improve its functionality and make it a more enjoyable space to cook and entertain in. A new layout can make the kitchen more efficient, eliminating any inconveniences and making it easier to navigate. Newer appliances, fixtures and fittings will not only look better but will also perform better than the old ones. This can include things like a new refrigerator with a larger capacity, or a new stove with more powerful burners. Additionally, newer features like energy-efficient lighting and appliances can help to make your kitchen more eco-friendly and save on energy bills in the long run. 

Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to update the style and aesthetics of your home. A new kitchen can improve the overall look and feel of your home, making it a more pleasant and inviting space. Not only will it improve the way your kitchen looks, but it will also improve your mood and make you feel more comfortable in your own home. A kitchen that matches your style and requirements is essential for creating a space that you will love to spend time in. A nice kitchen will also make you want to host people, whether it be family or friends, and will give you the perfect space to entertain and cook delicious meals. Overall, renovating your kitchen can be a great way to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home, making it a more enjoyable place to live.

Renovating your kitchen can have a significant impact on improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. New features and appliances can contribute towards saving money by being more energy-efficient than older models. LED light bulbs, for example, use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Modern appliances, such as energy star rated refrigerators and ovens, also use less energy and can save you money in the long run.


Additionally, incorporating energy-saving features such as motion-sensor lights and low-flow faucets can also help to reduce energy consumption. Investing in energy-efficient appliances and features not only helps to save money on energy bills but also contributes positively to the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

A new kitchen fitted in Basingstoke featuring grey worktops, white kitchen cabinets and integrated appliances.

What Happens During a Kitchen Renovation?

Before starting any renovation, it is important to conduct a survey of the kitchen. This will help you determine the scope of work that needs to be done and what specific items need to be addressed. We at Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters will work closely with customers to conduct a thorough survey of their kitchen space. We will take into account the customer’s specific needs and preferences, as well as the overall layout and functionality of the kitchen. During this survey, the team will consult with the customer to gain a clear understanding of their desired outcome for the kitchen renovation. We will develop a plan that will best suit your needs and budget.

Once the initial survey and consultation has been completed, it’s time to remove the old kitchen. Our team will carefully disassemble the existing cabinets, countertops, and appliances, taking care to protect the surrounding areas from damage. We will also disconnect and properly dispose of any plumbing and electrical components. Once the old kitchen is completely removed, our team will prepare the space and ensure it is ready for the installation of the new kitchen. Throughout the process, Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters will communicate with the homeowner to ensure the removal is done in a timely and efficient manner.

Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters are experts in both plastering and preparation for kitchen installations. Before any kitchen installation begins, our team will thoroughly assess the condition of the walls and ceilings in the kitchen area. If any repairs or plastering are needed, our team will take care of it. We understand that proper preparation is essential for a successful and smooth kitchen installation, which is why we take the time to ensure that the walls and ceilings are in the best condition possible before starting any installation work. Our skilled plasterers will repair any cracks or holes, and ensure that the surfaces are smooth and even before the kitchen installation begins. 

We also offer lighting installation for the kitchen. Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to design a lighting plan that not only enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen, but also provides functional and efficient lighting. Our team will also ensure that all electrical connections and wiring are installed safely and up to standard. Once the installation is complete, we will test the lights and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that everything is working properly.

Our team of experienced fitters will first assess the existing flooring in the kitchen and determine the best course of action for the installation. This may involve removing any old flooring, preparing the subfloor, and measuring the space to ensure the new flooring is cut to the correct size. We will install the new flooring, making sure it is properly aligned and secured.

Our team will start by measuring your kitchen space to ensure that the cabinets and appliances will fit perfectly. We will then work with you to choose the perfect cabinets and appliances to meet your needs and budget. Once the cabinets and units have been delivered, our team will carefully install them, making sure that everything is level and secure. We will also connect all of the units and make sure that they are functioning properly. 

We understand that a new worktop can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen, and we take great care in ensuring that the installation is done to the highest standards. We will first measure the space to ensure that the new worktop will fit perfectly. We will then install the new worktop, making sure that it is level and secure. We will also ensure that all the edges are finished to a high standard, and that all the joints are seamless. Once the worktop is installed, we will test it to make sure that it is secured properly.

Our team will work diligently on electrical appliance and plumbing installation to ensure that all work is completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Our team of skilled electricians and plumbers will then work together to install all electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures, making sure to adhere to all industry standards and regulations. We will also provide regular updates to our clients throughout the installation process to ensure that they are informed of any progress or potential delays. 

Our team will work together seamlessly to ensure that your tiling installation is done to the highest standards. We will begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the area to be tiled, including measuring the space and discussing the layout and design with you. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will prepare the surface by removing any existing tiles and ensuring that the surface is clean, level, and dry. We will then use high-quality materials and tools to lay the tiles, making sure that they are cut and fitted correctly and that the grout is applied evenly. Throughout the process, our team will work closely together to ensure that the installation is done quickly and efficiently, while also paying close attention to detail to ensure that the final result is flawless. 

Our team will work diligently to ensure that all finishing touches are completed to the highest standard. We will begin by reviewing the kitchen as a whole and identifying any areas that require additional attention. This may include touch-ups to paint, adjustments to fixtures or hardware, and final cleaning. Each team member will take responsibility for specific tasks, and we will work together to ensure that all details are completed in a timely and efficient manner. We will also conduct a final walk-through to ensure that everything is up to our standards before presenting the project to the client for approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen installation usually includes installing the cabinets, countertops, appliances, and tile or stone backsplash. It can also include connecting the plumbing and wiring.

Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you may install the floor first or the kitchen. 

When installing a new floor, it is important to think about how it will interact with the existing walls and ceilings. You also want to make sure that any electrical or plumbing lines are placed in an accessible location. Once you have decided where you want your appliances and countertops to go, begin sketching out your planned layout. This will help you determine how much space each appliance needs, as well as how many cabinets and drawers will be necessary.

There are a variety of types of tiles that can be used in the kitchen, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are four of the most popular types:


  • Ceramic tile is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchens with high traffic areas. 
  • Porcelain tile is beautiful and stains resistant, perfect for kitchens where delicate dishes will be served. 
  • Stone tile adds a natural aesthetic to any kitchen, while also being weatherproof and difficult to damage. 
  • Glass Tile offers an elegant look without having to worry about scratches or water damage

When it comes to color tiles for the kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, choose tiles that compliment your existing décor. If you have a predominately green or blue themed kitchen, go with green or blue tiles respectively. Additionally, pay attention to the size of the tile. Many people prefer smaller tiles because we look more like wall art than flooring. And last but not least, be sure to get samples in person so you can test them out before making a purchase.

Most kitchen renovations typically start at £4,000. This price range varies depending on the size of the renovation, the complexity of the project, and the contractor you choose. Remember to compare quotes from several contractors before deciding which one to hire.

Professional Kitchen Fitters in Basingstoke

We at Basingstoke Kitchen Fitters are a group of knowledgeable bathroom installers who can assist you with all of your kitchen remodeling needs. Simple upgrades to complete kitchen remodels are among our areas of expertise. We have over 30 years of experience designing and renovating kitchens.


We serve the following areas:

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  • Please get in touch with us for a free consultation quote. One of our team members will contact you as soon as we can if you give us a call or complete our online enquiry form. Allow us to assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

    A new modern kitchen that has been installed with new white tiling, white kitchen cabinets and cupboards, vinyl flooring and grey kitchen countertops.